JACS x Meno Male

I thought it was about time to make a proper pizza collection together with our friends at Meno Male.

Meno Male means "thank God". With that feeling, they want to create a pizza that the Neapolitans themselves would have made. With the best oven, the best pizza bakers and ingredients directly from the slopes at Vesuvius, we hope to invite you to the feeling they got from beautiful Naples while wearing these items. Meno Male!



      A curated selection of apparel with the iconic logos of the fantastic pizzeria Meno Male. Here you'll find 3 organic t-shirts, with the meno male logo, the iconic meno male vespa and the pizza oven from meno male - embroidered to a high quality t-shirt. You will also be able to match these t-shirt with a white dad hat, carefully selected for you to enjoy your next pizza!